Shot Peening New York Peenstress, developed by Metal Improvement Company, is a computer program that is capable of predicting the residual stresses that controlled shot peening introduces into many metals.

Metal Improvement Company maintains an extensive library of case histories on actual applications to compare them to Peenstress predictions. The Peenstress database contains a selection of materials and heat treating conditions from which to choose. The user first selects the appropriate material (and heat treating condition), then selects the shot peening parameters that consist of shot size, shot intensity and shot material and hardness.

Peenstress will ultimately print out a stress curve that shows both the magnitude of the residual stress distribution and the depth profile beneath the surface, for the material and the parameters of shot peening selected. Peenstress graphically plots the theoretical curve based on the user inputs. By altering shot peening parameters, the user can optimize the shot peening callout to achieve desired results. Peenstress also contains a large database of x-ray diffraction data that the user can access to verify the theoretical curves. Peenstress is particularly useful when shot peening thin cross sections to determine anticipated depth of compression to minimize the possibility of distortion. Engineers can effectively reference the Peenstress profile in load calculations.